Information and strategic monitoring work Information on community programs: EUROCIRCLE implements a strategic and documentary monitoring that focuses on community initiatives and establishes a European platform of transnational project. Among the obstacles to the emergence of European projects, information takes a crucial place. Even if the information sources exist abundantly, they are not always available timely and are not always usable for those responsible for the development of European projects within structures. Since 1996, EUROCIRCLE has been publishing a monthly information bulletin in several languages distributed in Europe, focused on action programmes and community initiatives and other tools for financing.

Assistance in projects layout Reception and consulting Eurocircle welcomes and consults the promoters of transnational projects: – Information on calls for proposals – Analysis and monitoring of projects – Establishment of transnational partnerships The initiation and networking with transnational partners: EUROCIRCLE, thanks its interface position at European level, seeks to provide organizations with different backgrounds with integration into the existing European networks, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the functioning of community projects and establish a first contact with European partners while receiving a grant as an associate partner. The activity of the EUROCIRCLE Association is transversal and not restricted to certain public, geographic area, field of action or a specific programme. Such a cross-cutting approach in initiating transnational projects makes it possible to induce synergy effects by the combination of partners from different but complementary sectors. Cooperation in the realization of projects: Our purpose is to contribute to the emergence of European projects conducted by the structures of all kinds, bringing them – apart from Community funding – new approaches and a dynamic that has a significant local impact. The association strives to provide the organizations managing projects with personalized support in launching their initiatives by giving them insight into the funding programs, by suggesting, where appropriate, transnational partners for them and by supporting them till the completion of projects.

The EUROCIRCLE intervention in favor of the project promoters (organizations, companies, administrations, associations) is based on: – expertise based on long experience in developing and managing projects at European level, – a database comprising 400 cooperation partners in 10 European countries, – a network of cooperation partners throughout the enlarged Europe, – partners such as BBJ-Italia and BBJ-Brussels which in their respective countries play a similar role and co-ordinate European cooperation networks .

Projects carried out by Eurocircle: Youth Mobility Eurocircle sends young people in a mobility experience, as well as youth workers through the European Youth in Action and Lifelong Learning Programmes. We were selected by the Fond d’expérimentation pour la jeunesse (Experimental base for Youth) of the Ministry Youth and Active Solidarity for a project of regional network and sending of 200 young people in difficulty within Inclusion initiatives.

Coordinating, sending and receiving organization in European Voluntary Service (EVS) Eurocircle promotes the mobility of young Europeans through the youth programme, hosting and sending young European volunteers, coordinating host projects for the structures of Bouches-du-Rhône and coordinating the JAMO network .

JAMO network (Jeunes Ayant Moins d’Opportunités – young people with fewer opportunities) Eurocircle coordinates JAMO network  in the field of European mobility of youth in difficulty. This permanent network was strengthened with the participation of members of the Latin Arc and 39 European and neighboring partners included. Civic Service Eurocircle received accreditation under the volunteering associations by the Prefecture, a necessary condition for hosting and intermediation of Civic Service (and previously the Voluntary Civil Service). Eurocircle promotes inclusion and equal opportunities for young people through the Civic Service through hosting young people on the basis of voluntary activities, experience, training and an opportunity to jump into the framework of a mission of general interest. Eurocircle is approved under the Youth and Mass Education The approval “Youth and Mass Education” is a label of certification issued by the Departmental Directorate of Youth and Sport associations working in the field of youth and mass education. Partnership Eurocircle acts as a partner in various community projects such as the European programmes: Youth in Action, Lifelong Learning, Connect, Leonardo, Life, Prince, Equal, Fight against social exclusion and Daphne. French network of the Anna Lindh Foundation Since April 2009, Eurocircle has been a member of the French network of the Anna Lindh Foundation. The Anna Lindh Foundation is the first institution created and funded by 35 member states of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership inaugurated at the Barcelona Conference in November 1995. It gathers over forty Euro-Mediterranean countries. In order to bring people together to promote dialogue between cultures and respect for diversity, the Foundation launches regional initiatives and supports the activities of civil society.