ARTS’R’PUBLIC – Final Landing Phase in Hambourg

Last June, the Arts’R’Public (project coordinated by Eurocircle and financed by Creative Europe) artists presented their personal projects in the city of Hambourg during the STAMP FESTIVAL !

The fruits of a hard work supervised and advised by mentors in the framework of an artistic, human and intercultural adventure that honoured promising artists. Four countries were represented until then : Germany, France, Italy and Morocco in a itinerant journey about art in public space.

Planned : a lot of colours and creativity ! A selection of amazing photos by Stefan Philipp.

Yoann & Tommaso Rolando, When The Night Falls – Artistic performance
Skizo Makhloufi, Tik Tak – Artistic performance
Sara Rerhrhaye, Breathe – Public representation
Pina Wood & Iris Keller, Pool – Public representation
Emmanuele Panzarini, Balloon Messages, Contain’Art – Public artistic performance
Aziz Boumediene, Carnet de Voyage, Contain’Art – Public representation