Arts’R’Public : Step to Genova

The presidential phase in Genova begun on December 16th and ended on December 28th 2017, it was organized by the cultural association Sarabanda/Circumnavigando Festival, co-organizer of the European project.

The professionals artists and young participants chosen for the “Crossroads” phase in Italy, experienced 12 days of laboratory with 2 moments of public performances Thursday 22th and Tuesday 27th  of December. Those performances were included in the Circumnavigando international Festival.

The young participants group prepared together 2 performences in two different parts of Sampierdarena’s quartier, an animated and popular neighborhoods of Genova. In two different types of spaces: a close one, with high walls and an open one, in the commercial street.

The goal of this program is to create relationship in a group made by people from different countries, languages, origins and artistic visions to develop a creation by analysing the location and interacting with the population they don’t know. At first, they were introduced to each other by games. Simple attention ones to build up the trust and so the group. Then they focused on finding methods to analyse the urban context. The encounter between them and the population went extremely well: artists and city residents found à “common territory” favorable to meetings and exchanges. The needed material to build up the performances were found in those same place, picked-up from the streets.

The interaction between young artists and young people allowed the good evolution of the production.  It’s the artistic and cultural diversity that boosted the group. That heterogeneity push all of them to interact to find syntonia.  It was a strong moment for everyone, the neighborhood who’s not use to be call by artists wile grocery shopping where touch and moved by all of it. All of the participant developed skills they did not expect and finally it allowed Sarabanda to get in touch with the new territorial reality and helped extending our network and important exchange of good practice.