Innovation and development


The COOPERATION department coordinates and develops projects funded under different EU programmes such as ERASMUS + Strategic Partnerships, Support for policy reform, Europe for Citizens, Creative Europe.

Both topics and target groups can vary but we always keep a red line: European citizenship and social inclusion.

Current topics:

  • Interpersonal & Entrepreneurial Skills Development
  • Professional integration for young people
  • Continuous Professional Development for youth professionals
  • Continuous Professional Development for professionals working with new comers, migrants and refugees
  • Recognition and validation of formal and non-formal skills
  • Fighting hate speech in civil society and universities
  • Promoting respect and diversity on social networks
  • Urban security and prevention of violence,
  • Fight against school dropout.

The team of 4 EU project managers is working daily on the development, coordination and running of EU projects: overall project coordination, administrative and financial monitoring, evaluation, proposal writing, curriculum development, training delivery, communication & event management, and film making.

The team is strengthened and enriched by the direct involvement of volunteers and interns from all over the world that step in the projects’ follow up.
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