GUIDE 2.0 (Good Guidance Stories 2.0)


GUIDE 2.0 is a strategic partnership, (Erasmus +, Key Action 2) coordinated by England

Due to the complex context of employability of young Europeans, the project aims to improve the skills and capacities of tutors, trainers and educators involved in the planning and design of educational projects for access to the labour market.

Duration: 26 months. 09/2018 – 10/2020

Objectives: The project will focus on improving the skills of professionals working with disadvantaged groups, such as young unemployed adults, so that they can better integrate into the labour market.


  • Methodological concept: including a program of systematic survey and validation of the methods applied to the guide, in order to capture, in each partner country, practical examples of flexible frameworks for the provision of inter-institutional services.
  • Blended Learning Curriculum: review of existing methodological and recommendation guides produced by the previous Guide2 project in light of the results of IO1 and digitization of these guides, case studies, teaching notes and existing curricula.
  • Resource Kit for Facilitators: A series of interconnected notes and teaching materials
  • Case study learning resource.
  • Effective practice guide for managers of AGI Guidance.


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Coordinateur: Rinova

Partner countries: England, Italy, Finland, France, Ireland and Germany.