INTRODUCING CLOSER – Rethinking Social Inclusion


Closer is a strategic partnership (Erasmus + and KA2) co-ordinated by Slovakia, aiming at promoting social inclusion from September 1st 2015 to august 31st 2017.

The project’s objective is to implement a network of youth organizations able to encourage, strengthen and facilitate social inclusion.

A CLOSER campaign has been carried out in every country with the organization of events and activities allowing the creation of social links and supports for inclusion without any age distinction, culture, nor origins…


  • Strengthen the cooperation and solidarity ;
  • Promote social inclusion in society ;
  • Create a network of youth organizations that encourage and facilitate social inclusion towards a widened audience.



  • A comparative study about good practices and competences of the youth guidance practitioners involved in social inclusion ;
  • A guide of good practices about social inclusion ;
  • A youth guidance practitioners training about social inclusion, social marketing and fundraising thematic in order to create a sensibilisation campaign ;
  • A sensibilisation campaign in every partner country from June 19th 2017 to June 25th 2017 during the Week of Social Inclusion “WE ARE CLOSER”.


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Coordinator : Centrum Pre Interkulturny Dialog