Presentation : 

The intercultural competences are getting more important since the European Union Member States are growing diversified and the European citizens are more mobile.

Eurocircle co-ordinates this 2 year long project (10/01/2016 to 09/30/2018) that gathers 5 European partners : CESAT and ERIFO from Italy, MMC from Chyprus, together with RINOVA and EAL Academy from England.

The project enables the development of the intercultural competence in order to assess and broaden the VET providers’ knowledge, in the respect of differences, as well as better understanding and exploring their own ability to adapt within  an intercultural environment.

Objectives :

  • Increase the quality and the experience of mobility through European Union integrating the cultural competences in the VET programs.
  • Support and promote social inclusion and the integration of young adults, ethnic communities, migrants, marginalized groups through mobility programs.
  • Develop intercultural competences among VET providers responsible of integrating professional mobilities into the training programs.
  • Develop and test an intercultural competences program according to the European Qualification Framework in order to train intercultural and qualified VET providers.


  • CESAT agenzia formativa
  • EAL Academy
  • RINOVA London
  • MMC – Mediterranean Management Center

Results :

1. A comparative study about national contexts (VET field development, challenges and needs, intercultural and mobility modules development in VET) ;

Read the report :

Read executive summary :

Read transnational chapter (EN) :

2.Innovative module programme towards VET providers; visitet 

3.European tool kit about non-formal education and mobility for VET providers;download the toolkit 

4. A tool kit about intercultural competences to develop and get for VET providers; download the toolkit 


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Contact :

Date : 10/01/2016 to 09/30/2018


Financers :  ERASMUS + Program and European Commission’s KA2 .