Dates : February 2016 – January 2018

Presentation : 

The European Union is a diverse territory composed of many different minority groups. Considering the current European context, the Brexit, terrorist attacks, massive emigration flow, financial crisis, tensions between communities, it is necessary to develop intercultural dialogue, implement tools to reinforce ways of living together and strengthen European citizenship.
The MOOC4EU project tried to meet these expectations.

This project targeted minorities:

Minorities represents individuals who see themselves as culturally distinct from the rest of society and who are in turn perceived by others. In the same way, it differentiates itself by its language, history or lineage, as well as by its religion, etc. Its members suffer some kind of discrimination, whereby one or more of the rights enjoyed by the rest of the society are violated and the opportunities available to the rest of the population are denied. It was also relevant to involve refugees during the project and to preserve its logic.


  • Promote European citizenship and foster civic engagement at EU level through a MOOC. Project’s partners together with representatives of minorities recorded an educational video for both minority groups and the rest of the European citizens.
  • Develop intercultural dialogue about the future of Europe between citizens. Indeed, it created a space for dialogue for minorities who debated on several themes dealing with their situation in Europe. A list of contributions was developed in order to influence public policies at both local and European level.