SHIP – Oslo Homes the First Meeting of SHIP (School Home Involment of Parents)

Eurocircle Marseille was in Oslo (Norway) from 18 to 22 september for the first SHIP meeting.

All partner associations EAF[1] (Belgium), ECEPAA[2] (Belgium), CIEP[3] (Belgique), Agrupamento Escolas Silves (Portugal), EURO (Italy) and Eurocircle (France), was received by the Norwegian association [4] MIR. The formation took place in the bookshop « Eldorado » in the center of Oslo.

The aim of this tranning course is to reduce the drop-out rate among non –european youth, create a favorable school environment for pupils living in a migratory context, involve parents in their children’s school activities and improve communication between parents and schools.

Another, every association carried out a small 30 minutes practice, the thematic was to give a course to people of migrants background. The belgian association has made us work on the difficulty of accessing the university for young people coming from a more popular family, in fact only 3% of them access it today. The portuguese have explained to us the recipe of couscous in their native language. Finally, the french group staged a pre-school meeting to facilitate administrative procedures, understanding of the timetable and the deciphering of supply list.

We also had the opportunity to participate in a “Family learning” session in the Torshovdalen school.



[1] European Alliance for Fredom

[2] European Centre for Economic Policy Analysis and Affairs

[3] Centre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques