VIC Validating Integration Competences of Refugees


VIC – Validation Integration Competences is a strategic partnership, (Erasmus +, Key Action 2) coordinated by Germany.

It aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of integration programs for migrants and refugees in Europe. The project will take place from November 1, 2017 to October 31, 2019.


After the arrival of hundreds of thousands of refugees over the last two years, Europe is now faced with the task of integrating these refugee immigrants with a legal title to stay. A number of different educational offers aim to facilitate the integration of immigrants into the labor market and into society in general, but there is no common, precise and operational definition of this “integration skill”. The effectiveness of integration programs is also not measured and their impact on individual integration skills is not assessed.


  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of integration programs
  • Collect the different objectives of integration programs across Europe and create an operational work definition of “integration competence”
  • Provide professionals working with immigrants and refugees with tools to promote, plan, actively develop and validate integration skills among the target group


  • A skills framework for professionals working with migrants and refugees
  • A learning course on how to use validation as a way to stimulate the acquisition of integration skills
  • A report on the feasibility and impact of these tools
  • Common certification to better recognize the acquisition of integration skills of migrants and refugees


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Coordinator: DVV Deutscher Volkhochschul-Verband EV

Partner countries: Germany DVV, Austria BupNet and Die Berater, France Eurocircle, Greece Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Italy EnaipNet