We have the same beat!”

Short Presentation :

« We have the same beat! » European Commission funded project through the Erasmus+ program which relies on the collaboration of 3 partner organizations from Romania, Italy and France.

The project aims to support the integration of disabled young people and young people with fewer opportunities in the society. Thus, were put together 3 youth exchanges focusing on the thematic social inclusion through Art and using non-formal education methods.

During a first phase, the stakeholders selected participants with and without special needs in order to try out some suitable activities during  European exchanges in Sardinia (Italy) from 24 to 31 of January 2016, in France from 11 to 17 april 2016, and in Romania from 17 to 23 August 2016. The youngsters participated and assessed these activities on the criteria of social inclusion of young people with special needs and discrimination fighting.

The activities of the intercultural exchanges contained different artistic workshops, in particular graphic and plastic arts and body expression workshops, in order to develop the creative sensibility of the participants and to increase awareness amongst the local communities about the difficulties encountered that people with special needs meet.

At the end of these three exchanges, the partner organizations edited a multilingual little guidebook mapping 40 activities amongst those performed during the three consecutive exchanges. This document serves as a report and as a guide allowing the reproduction and re-adaptation of the different project’s workshops in a variety of contexts and with a variety of beneficiaries.

Three dissemination conferences in the three participating countries will allow the guidebook’s distribution in paper form. A numeric version will be soon put online in order to expand the diffusion of the good practices that emerged during this beautiful human adventure.


  • To involve 30 youngsters from 3 countries, with or without special needs, in the collective creation of mixed activities.
  • To alert a maximum of people about problematics such as unequal opportunities and the exclusion of people with special needs.
  • To fight prejudices and discrimination
  • To promote respect of the fundamental rights of people with special needs thanks to activities leading to dynamics of cooperation as much as personal development.

Partners : 

 CECIS (Center for education and consulting structural instruments/ Centre d’éducation et de ressources structurelles de consultation) ) is a not for profit organization, established in Targu-Jiu, Romania. The organization provides educational support services for youth, children, parents and teachers. Through our actions we propose to incorporate a wide range of information and knowledge needed by an individual in its educational training, to provide anytime, anywhere learning throughout life, and especially to come up with those elements that satisfy physical, social, emotional needs of an individual,  through various participatory interactive methods.

  • MV INTERNATIONAL (MVI) is a network of 21 organizations from 21 European countries.  ENGO MVI is a global platform open to organizations working within the field of Youth, Non Formal Education, Sport and Culture. Created in 2012, MVI is today a global actor closely cooperating with its 21 member organizations, international NGOs, and public and private sector stakeholders. MVI concentrates on three key areas: project activities, education and policy-making/advocacy efforts. Apart from promoting events and educational programmers, MVI takes a full role in the public debate on civil society engagement in its topics of interest and strives to influence policies in these areas. Activities carried out by its professionals, members and volunteers involve ‘joint’: policy studies; thematic research; regional surveys, proposal elaborations, project implementations, network / training events – and more – the ENGO defines European design.


  • Social networks : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1630307270567731/
  • Contact : Marie Wittamer, mw.eurocircle@gmail.com
  • Date/Duration : 01/10/2015-31/01/2017
  • Categories to select :

Intercultural, inclusion, solidarity, citizenship, entrepreneurship, sport, creativity

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  • Funders : ERASMUS program + KA2 from the European Commission.