NECE – Networking European Citizenship Education conference at La Friche la Belle de Mai.

6-9 September 2018, Marseille hosted the NECE – Networking European Citizenship Education conference at La Friche la Belle de Mai.

More than 400 people participated, actors of civil society coming from 53 different countries, from throughout the European Union but also from Africa, Canada and South Korea; all of whom were motivated to lead international debates regarding the key challenges facing democratic countries.

The title of the conference is inspired by Aldous Huxley’s book “The Brave New World”, a dystopian anticipation novel that describes what would be the perfect dictatorship, which would have the appearance of democracy. “A prison without walls whose prisoners would not think of escaping.” …

For the first time this year the conference took the festival format, participants were not required to register to join a presentation, lecture or discussion.

One of the first seminars was the NECE Mapping. The participants filled out their identity cards and placed them alongside their photo on a world map that was on the reception wall. This animation, led by Eurocircle, aimed to create a networking tool that allows for effective visualisation  and to discuss relevant projects and ideas.

The program included:

The project market

15 organisations, including Eurocircle, presented their projects to publicise their structures, create new partnerships and exchange good practices.

Among these fifteen projects included the following:

the NACE project (Networking Arab Citizenship Education), which presents itself as the equivalent of NECE in the Arab world and which will hold a conference this December in Morocco around education for citizenship in the Arab world.

For more information, go to:

The OFAJ, the Franco-German Office for Youth, and other associations from Marseille and abroad presented themselves.

Follow the link at the bottom of the article to explore in detail the project descriptions presented during the conference.

The campus of ideas.

An open and creative set of lectures, trainings, discussions, roundtables and labs, including a conference on ‘how to face misinformation and manipulation of information’, held by the philosophy professor and director of the Center for Information and Bubble Studies (CIBS) | University of Copenhagen, Vincent F. Hendricks.

The following link shows an interview made by Participative Television Boulègue with the speaker:

18 workshops were organised for the benefit of participants as well as visitors and volunteers. The workshops covered a range of themes, including citizenship education, the inclusion of minorities and the exchange of good practices on citizenship formation in schools. The MitOst e.V organization presented a tool developed within the framework of a European project in partnership with Greece and Turkey for the capacity building of associations. A TOOLXBOX will be available on their website in the coming days: Link:

Field Visits

Eight local associations of citizenship education and engagement allowed participants to discover the city of Marseille from another perspective. The participants were invited to discover the activities, actions and the various realities of the associations in Marseille.

Open Space

A space dedicated to formal or informal exchange, like a structured longer coffee break, where participants have informal discussions, on topics in relation to their projects, tools, needs, challenges, fears or just simply to network.

The final intervention was held by the European Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly who spoke about the “Future of Europe, what do the citizens think of it?”. Following his contribution, the space for questions was opened, and many topics were discussed during a rich and fruitful exchange.

The conference was closed with the announcement that the next NECE conference will be held in Glasgow in 2019!

If you have not been able to attend this conference, feel free to visit the NECE website for more information and to register for the next conference!

Link to the official website of NECE:

The Eurocircle team wishes you the very best with your projects, and see you next year in Glasgow!