Eurocircle’s Autumn Overseas Erasmus Projects

3,2,1 GO!!! Let’s travel around Europe!

From September until Christmas, the EU project department in Eurocircle is traveling around Europe, coordinating and being partners in different EU projects and different EU programmes.

Follow our tour!

1st stop: Brussels, for the final international conference of SHIP – School Home Involvement Parents – a E+KA2 project about fighting school dropout by equipping parents from foreign origins to support their children in their homework and school path.

2nd stop in London, at Canary Wharf for the GUIDE2.0 – Good Guidance stories 2.0 – about improving employability of NEETS through co-design in guidance practice with Information, Advice and Guidance professionals.

3rd stop, to Padova in Italy, talking about Validation of Integration Competences for refugees through the VIC project.

4th stop, even further south to Athens, for a Europe for Citizens project about empowering young people with critical thinking, media literacy and debate tools (Create Critical Minds and Voices around Europe). A special thanks to our young students from Lycée Vauvenargue in Aix en Provence who have volunteered and tried the European way of debating, with a very experimented trainer from a Dutch association, Idea_Nl

5th stop, we visited a Dutch partner in Utrecht, to talk about DICE – Diversity, Inclusion, Citizenship and Empowerment – of new comers. A project that Eurocircle is coordinating under the E+KA2.

6th stop: next Sunday, we are getting ready to freeze in Katowice in Poland and speak about innovative ways to develop entrepreneurship skills for young people in order to Stop Being Coach Potatoes! (SBCP)

7th stop, back to the warm Mediterranean weather and back to our lovely Cypriot partner MMC, in order to launch the Mingle, Acknowledge & Trust Events project. For this one we will involve students in new methodologies to create the MATE label (intercultural skills, networking skills off line and online & media literacy), under the expertise of the University of Thessaloniki in Greece.

8th and final destination before Christmas break, Madrid! Not only to celebrate the day of the Constitution but also to kick off the project CDR2.0 – Can Do Refugees 2.0 – with a filming workshop with women migrants and a partner meeting to talk about all the different activities and trainings to develop in this 3-year project that includes Egypt !

To know more about all this very interesting projects go to their pages on our website or contact us