Our team travel across Europe to meet our partners!

Eurocircle on the road !

From September to December 2019, we at Eurocircle continue to travel across Europe to meet our partners! And our partners also visit us to develop our Erasmus + projects!


– We start with the inescapable event in the Eternal City, with all the partners of the Good Guidance Stories 2.0 project, for the opening of the online training, focusing on the community of practice methodology for the continuing education of youth professionals. It was also the opportunity to celebrate together the 10th anniversary of the MetropolisNet network!

– In Thessaloniki, we then created the intercultural skills questionnaire for students as part of the Mingle Acknowledge Trust Events project. The following week, we closed the Validation of Integration Competences project, with an international conference to present the platform of validation of integration competencies!

A first in Marseille for the launch of the SYMPATIC project, a project to facilitate the entry into employment after a mobility #jobcoach #sponsorship!

Vamos España! Barcelona and Valencia, to promote the employability and entrepreneurship of young people and women with the Learning Environment, Live Learning, and We Can projects!

A short tour in Bavaria: After having been to Valenciennes, Rosny, Lille and Montreuil to make field diagnoses, we have been in Augsburg to prepare the specific training courses for each city participating in the LOUD project, a project on social inclusion and European citizenship for young people.

Multiple stops in Marseille: as part of the CAN DO REFUGEES 2.0 project, to facilitate training on developing intercultural communication skills, fighting discrimination and learning about democracy and civic life for professionals working with migrants. To facilitate the academic success of young people from different cultural backgrounds, the partners of the Integrated Holistic Approach for a Validated European Tool project, have been working on the creation of a training course and have also visited our local partner, the École de la Deuxième Chance, to discover a French model of success! We are also continuing the development of workshops to revitalize young people with our STOP BEING COUCH POTATOES project! And we also talk about protection and awareness of violence with our KEEP ME SAFE project.

– When the first snowflakes will fall, we will be at the front row, with the General Assembly of the MetropolisNet network in Berlin and for our DICE meeting in Rzeszów, Poland to adapt our MOOC training modules for professionals working with newcomers!


All our projects are available online on our website so feel free to write to us for more information at relations.eu@eurocircle.info ! See you soon!