Apprenticeship project in the framework of Erasmus+ program

Eurocircle’s Internships Department managed, in partnership with the “Institut des Techniques d’Ingénieurs de l’Industrie” (ITII-CFAI Provence), an apprenticeship project in the framework of Erasmus+ program.  Thanks to our support, 23 French engineers students found an internship abroad for summer 2018.  Such an experience will give them the possibility of working in an international environment and it will be an irreplaceable step to get their degrees.


At first, Eurocircle selected a list of companies that could be interested in hosting interns for the summer, then we took care of all the communications between the companies and the students. Among the selection criteria for the enterprises: besides the interns’ missions, Eurocircle put the emphasis on their capability of being innovative. So most of the companies we are working with are Start-ups or University Spin-off companies with high-tech abilities that range from the design of drones for firefighting to the development of an innovative system capable of reusing sun and the available water sources for generating all the streams required to operate a greenhouse facility.


Eurocircle is wishing all the best for the students that will leave in June to the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Serbia, Spain, Hungary and will continue to look after them during all their traineeship as a supervisor.