Brexit – 700,000 march in London for Europe

20 October 2018, London

Nearly 800,000 Britons marched to demand a second Brexit referendum, which is now endorsed by several politicians from all the major parties.  The marchers came from a cross-section of British society, many of whom had spent the morning travelling by coach from across the UK, and many of whom brandished highly original and amusing protest signs.

In recent months, almost every leading poll has shown a majority wanting to remain in the EU.

Present negotiations between the UK Government and the EU, whose negotiating team is led by Michel Barnier, are becoming increasingly unfruitful and repetitive. While there is a wide-spread acceptance that the fanciful promises made by the Leave campaign during the 2016 Referendum, most notably that £350 million more a week would be provided for the British medical system, will never be implemented. This comes alongside proven evidence of electoral fraud by the Leave campaign.

Although, the increasingly fragile, Theresa May, has ruled out the possibility of a second vote. She is increasingly the subject of anger from her own pro-Brexit MPs, leading to the British media speculating whether she will face a leadership challenge.

This month, the Cabinet was informed of the catastrophic consequences of a looming no-deal Brexit. These included the possibility of France reintroducing customs checks at Calais and other ports, due to the immense quantity ofdaily freight which passes via this route, this could lead to the Government having to operate ferries in order to ensure that food and medical supplies arrived in the UK.

The clock is ticking, the scheduled departure date of 29 March 2019 is drawing near, while a deal does not seem to be any closer.

Perhaps Theresa May and her ministers can find inspiration in the immortal words of one of the influential British thinkers of all time… that of course being Mick Jagger:  ‘‘You can’t always get what you want…  But if you try sometimes you might find… You get what you need.’’