The “Ten Words Caravan” is to be held in Marseille!

Mediterranean Women’s Forum, Darius Milhaud College, and Eurocircle are organizing events in order to raise awareness about the diversity of the French language through workshops and artistic activities.

But what is the “Ten Words Caravan”? It’s an international community of organizations labeled by Unesco as well as the Ministry of Culture in France which aims at raising awareness about the French language around the world.

Various manifestations are organized around the world and focus on ten different worlds selected each year from the French language. Based on these words the caravan invites artists and citizens from all over the world to express the cultural diversity of the French language, to help bring out people’s voices and raise awareness about the richness of the intangible heritage of language.

The ten words selected for this year are: (1) Accent, (2) Bagou, (3) Griot (te), (4) Jactance, (5) Ohé, (6) Placoter, (7) Susurrer, (8) Truculent (ente), (9) Voix, (10) Volubile.

The caravan is also an advocacy for cultural rights, which is shared each year by artistic teams on all continents.

Eurocircle and Aziz Boumediene are working on a performance in the public space where they invite passers-by to discuss the forms and sounds in which words can manifest.

The project will be realized through the animation of workshops about culture and citizenship which will be held around a Newspaper stand in the city center of Marseille.


Follow us to stay updated about the weekly meetings of the caravan in Marseille in the coming months! And to discover more about the project’s dynamic!


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