CDR 2.0 (Can Do Refugees 2.0)


CDR 2.0 is a strategic partnership, (Erasmus +, Key Action 2) coordinated by Germany.
The main topic of the project is to promote social inclusion and social cohesion in Europe as a result of the large number of refugees transiting and settling in European countries. The project will work with innovative participatory learning methods to make the voices of these people heard and enable the professionals who host / help them to better identify their needs.

Duration: 36 months. 09/2018 – 08/2021


  • The project aims to identify the needs of refugees to better equip professionals working with and for refugees / and the volunteers who support them on a daily basis
  • In the second place, the project aims at a better integration of refugees in host countries


  • Film reflecting the needs of the refugees in the EU
  • Compilation of training contents
  • Brochure about the approach which includes civic education with improvisational theatre

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Coordinator: Verband für interkulturelle Arbeit (VIA) Bayern

Partner countries: Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Egypt.