Civic service abroad

Civic service abroad


I was able to try ice skating, the national sport here, but I think I will quickly give up the idea of becoming a great skater one day, unlike the Quebecers who learn to skate at the same time as they learn to walk.

What is civic service abroad?

International Civic Service is a voluntary commitment to serve the general interest abroad, open to all young people aged 16 to 25, without any diploma requirements, and extended to 30 years for young people with disabilities. All that counts is personal skills and motivation. Civic service can be carried out with associations, local authorities (town halls, departments or regions) or public establishments (museums, colleges, secondary schools, etc.), over a period of 6 to 12 months for a mission of at least 24 hours a week.


Before departure, you must take a Civic and Citizen Training course and pass your PSC1, the first aid course.

Eurocircle will provide you with training slots.

Please note that the training is compulsory!

How to participate?

To participate in a Civic Service with Eurocircle, contact our team and send us a CV and cover letter in English. For those who feel the need, our team will help you write in English. Call us directly to discuss.

The Eurocircle team will support you before, during and after your volunteering, and you will have a mentor and an activity advisor on site to help you integrate into the organisation and make the most of your placement.