Cool kids want to build drones … abroad !

European Union has a very dynamic startup ecosystem in the new tech and digital industry, all the cool and smart kids want to get onboard ! Drone, advanced robotics, lithium batteries, big data mining software for HR purpose, last generation drones : Europe needs bright brains for bright future !

Now, what do those topics have to do with a youth organization like us ?

Well, for the 3rd consecutive year, Eurocircle develops summer internship programmes for vocational engineering students in foreign European countries. We help them spot the most innovative startups all across the continent in their speciality fields (mechanics, electricity & electronics), where they can put into practice what they have learnt on school benches. But more than professional gains, it’s also a great opportunity for those students to live an immersive intercultural in foreign countries !

This time, 27 youngsters flew to Sweden, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Germany for 2 months, to get insights from foreign companies and foreign cultures. All of that would have not been possible without the support of Erasmus+ and the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, and of course our fellow partners on this project : ITII PACA, a regional vocational training center and the following engineer schools : Polytech Nice Sophia, the National School of « Arts et Métiers » in Aix-en-Provence, and the Electronics and Digital Institutes in Toulon and Marseille.

You are also interested in developing EU internship programmes ? Send us a mail :