Europe, the Youth and its critical mind

We are back, and we made it !

We are Nais and Lou, high school students and we report straight from the Slovenian field where we attended the youth debate summit : here is our story !

From the 9th until the 13th of May, we gather with more than 160 youngsters from all over the continent in Kransjka Gora, a cute little town perched on the Alps, over a blue-grey lake. Winter skiers and snow-riders left the station until next year : the space is now all our !

We took part in the project “Creating Critical Minds and Voices in Europe”, organized by Eurocircle with the support of Europe for Citizen programme : a great opportunity to get trained in innovative debate methods.

The first round of workshop were focused in having us become confident debaters : argument building, comfortable speaking and spotting logical weaknesses in one’s speech. Well, just the basics to have a solid ground and start the real things !

Then, it began : the debate summit ! Two teams fighting and stroking each other with sharped counter-arguments and punchlines under the severe watch of Mister the Judge and his time-keeper assistant : always watch the clock.

Topics were very EU-orientated, with a lot of echoes with current political issues :

  • “Should school actively support those students who strike against climate change ?”
  • “Migrants who work should be allowed to vote in all elections of the country in which they reside”

Obviously, we were quite in favour of those motions, but the most interesting part of the experience was to be on the opposite side of what we actually believe in : it was harsh but stimulating, and after all, isn’t that what we came here for ?

This experience was very rewarding for us, we have developed new skills and met fantastic people and culture. Being surrounded by 16 different nationalities is something that doesn’t happen everyday ! But hey, from time to time, Europe makes it happen !

Find out more about the project here and send us a mail if you are interested in collaborating with us in similar p  rojects : !