DICE (Diversity Inclusion Citizenship Empowerment)


DICE is a strategic partnership, (Erasmus +, Action Clé 2) coordinated by France.

In the current European context, one of the priorities for a prosperous, tolerant and inclusive society is to ensure that newcomers have the opportunity to learn, work and contribute in the Member States according to their skills and competences ambitions. The integration of this public is becoming more and more a priority in order to lower social tensions and face the rise of euroscepticism and xenophobic political parties


  • Create open, free training for professionals working with IPs on diversity, inclusion, citizenship and empowerment.
  • To equip professionals with open and innovative practices (methods and pedagogies) rooted in the digital age.
  • Renew the considerations on IPs and in particular vis-à-vis living together, intercultural dialogue of diversity, languages ​​and Europe. (Through diversity awareness campaign that aims to give voice to IPs through their direct involvement in creating the content of the training and through the creation of a series of videos that will be a collection of their stories to raise awareness public opinion on inclusion and diversity).


  • DICE Training Plan and Content: Training plan and content based on social, civic and intercultural competences, with democratic values, in relation to fundamental rights, inclusion, the fight against discrimination and European citizenship.
  • E-learning learning platform.
  • Feasibility guide and impact report for the recognition and validation of integration skills.

Contact: cooperation@eurocircle.info

Coordinator: France.

Partner countries: France, Holland, Italy, Poland, Cyprus.

The DICE project is labeled Bonne Pratique (Good Practice) by the Erasmus + France / Education Training Agency, which proves a high level of quality in terms of implementation, results and impact.