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Who are we?


Europe always succeeds when we tackle the big challenges together.

Ralf Makrutzki



From Berlin to Marseille...

Founded in 1993 in Berlin, EUROCIRCLE has been a European NGO since 2006, developing and implementing transnational projects, particularly in the field of international youth mobility. These projects aim to foster the emergence of an intercultural European citizenship, based on the values of tolerance, equality, peace, ecology and solidarity.

The association seeks to develop an active European citizenship among the population, first through intercultural exchanges, then through the European Voluntary Service in 2006 and the Civic Service in 2012.

Our missions

The association develops many projects for :

  • Developing the socio-professional integration of young people through mobility

    enable young people in the region to have an international experience, from a few days to a year (intercultural exchange, training, volunteering).

  • Promoting active citizenship

    Active citizenship is the implementation of our role as citizens in everyday life. It is essentially about engaging in civil society, exercising one's responsibilities and respecting human rights while promoting free expression.

  • Working for social inclusion

    In the Collins Dictionary, social inclusion is defined as "the granting of certain rights to all individuals and groups in society, such as employment, adequate housing, health care, education and training, etc.". It is necessary for building a state governed by the rule of law, and an egalitarian society.

Our services

The association’s activities are divided into 3 departments:

Our team

Eurocircle has 22 employees, spread over the 3 departments, and welcomes about 10 volunteers each year. 

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Republican Commitment Contract

The Republican Commitment Contract (RCC) is a series of commitments to be signed by any association or foundation that:

  • Applies for a grant from an administrative authority or a body responsible for the management of an industrial and commercial public service,
  • Applies for State approval or recognition as a public utility,
  • Or wishes to host a civic service volunteer.