ERASMUS+ project: retour sur l’évènement de networking “youth workers for youth employability” in Rimini

ERASMUS+ PROJECT: feedback on the networking event "Youth worker Employability" in Rimini, from 6 to 11 June 2022.

 The project was built with the firm objective of strengthening and improving the work of the associations involved through cooperation between them and the exchange of ideas and experiences, on a series of objectives among which we should mention
– improving the cooperation at international level of the different actors involved in youth mobility

– improving the capacity of partners to work with young people with fewer opportunities by supporting their inclusion in the world of work;
– reflect on the positive effects that European projects have on the employability of young people; and
– to consider what would be the most effective ways of attracting funding, both public and private, to enhance and develop these projects.
On the first day, we took the time to get to know each other a little better and to explain to each other exactly what our association’s activity is and what our key points and objectives are in order to see what activities we could collaborate on.

The week continued with a second very interesting day, during which we discussed the situation of NEETs in each country. We made a presentation on the current situation of NEETs in France and we were able to learn about the situation in the different European countries, appreciating the common problems and those arising from the specific situation in each country.
Nous avons également eu l’occasion de profiter de la richesse culturelle et historique de Rimini, en passant une journée merveilleuse parmi ses rues et ses habitants.

The following days were just as interesting. On the one hand, we were divided into teams composed of different nationalities with the aim of writing a project for a training course or youth exchange. This was a great experience as we were able to discover different points of view, exchange ideas and experiences and work closely together to develop a project from scratch.

The conclusions drawn after this week are very positive. On the one hand, we improved our network of contacts at European level and got to know the situation of NEETs in different countries and, on the other hand, we discovered the way of working of other associations that are also dedicated to the promotion of youth mobility in Europe and at international level. In summary, we can say that this week was very enriching, both professionally and personally, because we had the opportunity to meet wonderful professionals and learn from their work and experiences.