“Espions à la commission”

"Espions à la commission", a game developed to have fun debating Europe!

Do you want to debate with your students in a fun way? Talk about how Europe works without lecturing your students? Are you looking for a strategy game and do you like politics? Spies in the Commission is for you!

Espion à la commission

is a card game about how the European institutions work and how decisions are made at European level. 

The aim of the game is to debate legislative proposals divided into 7 categories. In order to do this, the players play as spies who must infiltrate the European governing bodies. At the beginning of the game, they must accumulate skill and influence points in order to gain the favour of the MEPs. They will then have to distribute the European budget and finance projects that will allow them to unlock legislative proposals. Each player has individual secret objectives (to pass and reject certain laws). In addition, there is also a collective goal of advancing European construction, based on the number of skills acquired, projects funded and laws passed. In this way, players are balanced between pursuing their personal goals and the collective goal. The different game mechanics allow players to bring to life the major debates and dynamics surrounding the pursuit of the European project, and to reflect the challenges and issues at stake.  


The game is then complemented by a facilitator-guided discussion to go into more detail on the institutional and legislative concepts presented, and a debate on the bills that were accepted or rejected.  

Facilitating the game

To exploit all the possibilities offered by Spies on a Commission, the role of the facilitator is very important. This video, made by the creator of the game, will guide you in your role as facilitator. 


Practical information

The board game “Spies in the Commission” was developed by the Eurocircle European Citizenship Team and L’Eclap Edition. 

Do not hesitate to contact us to receive a copy of the game or to organise a game session in the PACA region! Do you want to debate with your students in a fun way? Do you want to talk about how Europe works without giving your students a lecture? Spies in the Commission is for you!

Terms and conditions of play