EURO-IVET – Transnational Meeting in Sweden

EURO-IVET – Transnational Meeting in Sweden, Uppsala


Eurocircle Marseille was in Uppsala, 70kms North from Stockholm, from July 12th till 15th for the 3rd transnational meeting of the project Euro-IVET.



Partners 15billion-ebp, Rinova London, MetropolisNet, Folkuniversitetet, Ballymun Job Centre and Eurocircle Marseille  worked on the innovative train the trainer curriculum about equipping professional Vocational and Educational Trainers (VET) to bridge the ‘culture clash’ between disadvantaged young people living in major urban and inner-city environments, employers and vocational education.


The training consists in 4 modules and will soon be ready for pilot testing in the local context!

Module 1: Understanding the needs of the young people from disadvantaged, multicultural and inner-city areas

Module 2: Understanding the key norms of worked based culture

Module 3: Shaping an effective initial vocational and education intervention

Module 4: Bridging the gap in the clash of cultural norms


The next steps for this autumn and winter for the partners are: the completion of the first version of the 4 modules, the creation of the online platform by Folkuniversitetet and the implementataion of the pilot testing.

What is a pilot testing? The opportunity to test concretely the teaching material on the target groups of the project. Each partner in its national context will follow the same testing strategy designed by Rinova in order to gather a sample of VET providers and IAG professional who will attend different sessions and test activities in the 4 modules. The testing is delivered by a Lead practitioner in each country.  Once the testing done, both participants and trainers in each country will evaluate and share feedbacks via a written report that will be shared among the partners in order to improve the quality and the content according to the results from the field.


Keep an eye open, you will soon receive an invitation to attend this innovative training!


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