Eurocircle is now an official member of the Metropolisnet network!

Since 2009, Metropolisnet has been a European interest group headquartered in Berlin.

As a unique network of different types of organizations in Europe, Metropolisnet develops and implements sustainable and local strategies for employment and inclusion in multicultural European cities.

Through the exchange of good practices and knowledge, through transnational testing of strategies, the members of the Metropolisnet network encourage collaboration and mediation between cities by promoting the local, regional and transnational dimensions of the EU’s employment, social inclusion and local development. The network connects major European cities as part of the European 2020 strategy.

Alongside Berlin, Hamburg, Rome, Dublin, London, Tampere and Vienna, Eurocircle – Europe Direct is now able to take action in Marseille and throughout the region with local stakeholders and policy makers. Within this network, Eurocircle – Europe Direct is also now able to propose innovative projects that respond to current societal, social and labor market challenges.

The collaboration with Metropolisnet started a few years ago: Eurocircle had the chance to participate in the European project GOOD GUIDANCE STORIES (Erasmus+ KA2). An innovative training course, based on case studies and targeting youth professionals, is now part of our training catalogue. It allows professionals to further develop their skills to deal with current societal challenges.

Since Eurocircle has developed and participated in several European projects with Metropolisnet, in particular we can cite Euro-I VET and Guide2.0, which are currently in progress.

To be continued!

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