Eurocircle was in Silves, Faro, Portugal for the project SHIP!


On 8 and 9 March Eurocircle participated in the second meeting of the SHIP project (School & Home Involvement Participation) in Silves, Portugal with other partners from Belgium, Norway and Italy. During the first day the partners were welcomed at Garcia Domingues primary school in Silves to share their first experience with the Ship project. A reception was then given to the City Hall to exchange with the Mayor and three elected officials in charge of education and integration policies and practices implemented by the partners.

Reminder of the project schema:


During the afternoon they have shared their ideas about how to disseminate the project and finally they have met the parents that are involved in this project and that for the occasion have arranged a dinner cooking  each one somet hing typical of their culture.

On the second day, partners have talked about the next steps in the development of Ship and have settled the next and final meeting in September in Brussels