Centre EUROPE DIRECT Marseille

📆 Your EUROPE DIRECT Marseille centre is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 2pm to 5pm. </p><p>☎️

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Who are we?

Eurocircle was awarded the EUROPE DIRECT label in 2018. This label is awarded by the European Commission to structures across Europe to get closer to citizens.

In France, there are currently 50 EUROPE DIRECT centres. Their missions are focused on informing the public about the European Union and the projects that are developed thanks to it on our territories.

The EUROPE DIRECT Marseille centre contributes to the priorities of Europe and develops its own actions at the local level to enhance the impact of the European Union in the PACA region. The whole team of the European Citizenship service puts its expertise and skills at the service of the centre by taking part in the different events and workshops in which the centre participates. 


The EUROPE DIRECT centres are managed by the European Commission’s representation in Paris. These offices are in charge of supporting the President and the Commission in their interaction with France, promoting a permanent political dialogue with national, regional and local authorities. 

Their role is also to act as the voice of the European Commission in France and to communicate on the EU to the press and on social networks, maintaining direct contacts with the national, regional and local press by offering them press and media services. 

Our missions

EUROPE DIRECT Marseille’s mission is to create a link between citizens and policy makers by collecting opinions through different actions: citizens’ debates, participative workshops, “meet Europe” workshops for school children, etc. These opinions are then communicated to the European Commission and its decision-makers, who are keen to co-construct Europe with its citizens.  The activities proposed in the framework of our EUROPE DIRECT label are free of charge. 

There are other ways to give your opinion on Europe to the decision makers, to know more, click below!

Our services

Thanks to its establishment within the European networks and its recognition by local project leaders, but also by the world of education and training, and civil society, our EUROPE DIRECT centre benefits the community in all the PACA region by offering the following services: 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any of these services. Our team will be happy to answer your request. All our services are offered free of charge. Please contact us as early as possible. 

The European Union on our doorstep

The EU has a central contact service, as well as a series of networks throughout the EU providing information, assistance and services. You can use the map below, ‘The European Union near me’, to find the EU centres in your area and find out what services they provide.

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