European Pilot Testing « Bridging the gap »

On January 25th and 26th, Eurocircle hosted the pilot testing of the Euro IVET project. 14 professionals from different fields (VET, IAG) in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region attended the training in order to improve their support for young and disadvantaged young people.

This training has been developed in the framework of the European project named « EURO IVET », that gathers professionals from 5 European countries (Ireland, England, Sweden, Germany and France) and with the support and the expertise of the researcher and Professor of Rotterdam University : Illass El Hadioui, who studied relationships between street culture and school culture, and processes of social exclusion of youth with multicultural/urban/disadvantaged background.

The participants in Marseille, attended 4 units delivered by Delphine Monrozies and Léa Lazic, in order to improve their understanding of cultural diversity and of « intercultural shocks » experienced by youth from difficult urban areas, and to be better equipped to help them integrate fields of employment, education and vocational training.

On the agenda : reflexion about the key words of identity, culture and intercultural communication ; comprehension of the challenges of the labour market and of the difficulties faced by youth and employers ; development of new practices and changing perspectives in the practical support of the youth (work on empathy, and specific relationship building…), in order to foster professional integration.

This training combined a theoretical and practical approach, and allowed also all the participants from various fields (facilitators, advisors, trainers, teachers, mentors) to exchange about their daily concerns and difficulties, and to exchange good practices.
Reflection time along with focus on tangible experiences were especially appreciated by the participants. Moreover, free expression, mutual listening encouraged by the trainers led to share work experiences that enriched the training.

The dense and diversified content of the formation will however take some time to be incorporated and applied by the participants and to be shared with their own working teams…

This training was really successful at local level, and it should be also a success in the other partner countries! The added value of a training developed at transnational level allows participants to enhance their daily practices with methods and tools that are implemented abroad. Eurocircle is particularly keen on developing and implementing this kind of training at local level with its network as the topics are aligned with the other activities:   development and support of youth mobility as a tool to facilitate integration of young people with less opportunities.

« Euro IVET » training is currently being improved at European level. The final version will be presented during the international meeting which will close the project, in London in June 2018.

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