European volunteering


I can only recommend this experience which I personally really enjoyed! I progressed in languages (English, Spanish and basic Greek aha) and met great people that I could see again, in Portugal.

What is European volunteering?

The European Voluntary Service (formerly known as the European Voluntary Service) is a mobility scheme financed by the European Commission, in the framework of the European Solidarity Corps. It allows for a mobility experience in a European country. It allows the volunteer to engage in a mission of general interest within a non-profit organisation, a community or a public institution. Through European volunteering, the volunteer discovers another culture, can acquire new personal and professional skills and has a new and unique experience.

Le volontariat européen est ouvert à tous, sans condition de diplôme, et sans exigence d’un niveau d’anglais particulier.

How to participate?

If you are interested in volunteering with Eurocircle, please contact our team and send us your CV and cover letter in English. For those who feel the need, our team will help you write in English! Call us directly to discuss.

The Eurocircle team will support you before, during and after your volunteering, and you will have a mentor and an activity coordinator on site to help you integrate into your host organisation and make the most of your placement. The host organisation assigns the assignments and takes care of the smooth running of your daily life during the volunteering period. Eurocircle is in charge of your preparation before departure, your follow-up during the assignment, and its valorisation upon return.