#EUSavesLives Marseille inauguration

#EUSavesLives Marseille inauguration

On 29 June, members of the Eurocircle team attended the Marseille opening of the #EUSavesLives exhibition by the EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Christos Stylanides

Launched in Vilnius on 6 April 2018, the virtual reality roadshow visited Bucharest, Berlin, Rome, Marseille and ending in Madrid on 29 July 2018.

Visitors equiped with VR headsets which allow for a 360 degree virtual reality experience, were able to choose from three sceanarios. The first threw the visitor into a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh, the second showed a civil protection exercise in Denmark and the final scenario allowed the viewer to take control of a water bomber flight in Italy.

Through its participatory elements, #EUSavesLives sought to bring the EU closer to its citizens and to showcase how the EU makes a positive contribution to the everyday life of European citizens and those in need worldwide.

At the Marseille opening, Commissioner Stylianides said : “Natural disasters know no borders. We need to be prepared to respond when they hit and protect our citizens. This campaign brings the EU closer to its citizens and showcases the added value of the EU in situations when most needed. The EU, through its emergency response, saves lives and protects European citizens in Europe and worldwide.”

Christos Stylianides later participated in a citizen’s consultation at Marseille’s World Trade Center, which was broadcast live via Facebook, to discuss the challenges Europe faces in greater depth.