FAKE is a strategic partnership (Erasmus+, Key Action 2) coordinated by France (Eurocircle).


LEARN will develop a strategic systematic approach to the transformation of organisations into learning workplaces, recognising that employees spend a lot of time at work, therefore they should be able to learn at work. The project aims to develop a set of activities, processes and tools that will transform an organisation into a learning workplace.


24 months (06/2021 -05/2023)


> Fight against fake news, manipulation and disinformation by creating digital tools adapted to NEETs (neither in employment nor in education or training).

 > To develop the digital skills of trainers and enable them to help and train young people to detect fake news and to have a conscious and critical use of social medias.

 > Equip trainers with a set of resources on digital practices and tools to fight against the risks of manipulation and marginalization on digital platforms and social medias.

> Combat hate speech, racism, sexism, populism, etc. as well as the phenomenon of “coronaracism” on social medias.


> A learning material on digital practices and media literacy.

> A digital playground to allow the co-design and co-production of digital tools between trainers and trainees.

> A hackathon, aiming at the creation of innovative digital tools to fight against fake news.

Partners involved


Eurocircle, France


Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Lithuania, France