Final Local Multiplier Event in Roquefort la Bédoule for EURO I-VET Project


Enhancing the quality of I-VET provision for young people in urban multicultural settings


On Tuesday March 20th 2018 Eurocircle participated into a forum in Roquefort la Bédoule next to Marseille. During this forum, lots of professional working with young people (Information Guidance and Advice) and VET / school teachers and also employers were present. The goal of the forum was to network: to enable professionals (companies), education structure and youth information guidance structures to meet with young people and discuss possibilities for education and job.

Eurocircle took the opportunities to introduce the EURO-IVET project results (newsletter 4) and the leaflet in order to present what has been developed and what is under development at transnational level until September 2018 (end of the project).  The people met there were not present during the pilot testing phase in January in Eurocircle office, so it was a brand new piece of information and the curriculum was for them very interesting. They all signed up with their email address in order to receive more information about the curriculum and the upcoming platform for e-learning!