GAIN Training

Training GAIN

Florence and Margaux had the pleasure to attend the GAIN (Growing Access Inclusion Network) training course from 28 March to 1 April in the city of Lleida in Catalonia, hosted by the association Prosec (ASSOCIACIÓ PROSEC – Promotora Social).

Partners meeting

The aim of this training was to enrich the GAIN network, created as a result of a Cooperation Partnership (Key Action 2 of the Erasmus+ programme), which brings together European associations that offer mobility opportunities such as volunteering or youth exchanges. This network focuses on giving access to mobility to people who face economic, social or geographical barriers, inclusion is GAIN’s priority.

For example, some of the associations support people with disabilities, others support people who do not have a diploma and who have been unemployed for a long time in rural areas. Participation in a voluntary service is an opportunity to discover a new field of activity, to distance oneself from one’s

environment, to learn a new language, to meet a culture different from one’s own, all of which can increase chances on the job market and bring about personal development.

We met Young Generation in Action from Bulgaria, Seiklejate Vennaskond from Estonia, Youth Association DRONI from Georgia, Sempre a Frente from Poland, Karaman Youth Club Association from Turkey, Action for people and Euroactive NGO from Romania. Together we exchanged our experiences on inclusion and shared our good practices (tools, attitudes and methods) in order to enrich each other’s work.

The Gain network is based on trust between the partners, who are committed to adapting the missions and the hosting conditions to the needs of the participants. Mutual trust allows transparency that is necessary to achieve quality work.


GAIN network

Eurocircle is proud to join the GAIN network and is already looking forward to future collaborations with the network partners!