GeGS is a project to support for policy reform (Erasmus+, Key Action 3) coordinated by Germany (MetropolisNet). 


36 months (28/02/2021 –27/02/2024) 


> To modernize and improve IAG (Information advice and guidance) services and make them relevant for young people needs, labour market changes and digitalization processes.  

> To respond to the need of systematic approaches and opportunities for professionalization, continuous training and career progression of IAG practitioners in VET. 

> To enhance the responsiveness and relevance to the digital transformation of the labour markets, so that can be fully taken onboard in the IAG practice, allowing a wider and meaningful use of digital resources for staff training. 

> To support the cultural and digital shift in IAG by co-creation of a comprehensive training measure for IAG practitioners leading to effective e-services.


> An innovative digital case-study learning environment aligned on CEDEFOP IAG competences and digital competences for IAG. 

> An online transnational Community of practice of IAG staff in VET. 

> The customization and introduction of the AI based IAG platform Jobiri.  

Partners involved


MetropolisNet (Germany)


Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, France



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