HATTRICK (A hat-trick for inclusion: recognizing, preventing and contrasting hate speech for more inclusive sport)


HATTRICK is a small collaborative partnership (Erasmus + SPORT) coordinated by Italy.

Hate speech covers “all forms of expressions that spread, incite, promote or justify racial hatred, xenophobia, anti-Semitism or other forms of hatred based on intolerance”. Hate speech in sport is not a new phenomenon and manifests at all levels: from grassroots to a more professional one. In the last few years with the rapid of the new technologies, hate speech has also found new channels of expression which have reached a broad target. Insults, offense, chorus address players, referees, coaches and supporters of the other teams and sometimes translate into actual manifestation of violence. In many cases haters are not aware of how much words can hurt. Sometimes hate speech is produced by people who should be models such as parents or coaches. The effects of all these manifestations are really serious. The goal of the HATTRICK project is to fight this.

Duration : 18 months (01/2020 – 06/2021)


  • Create, test and experiment an educational sport programme involving young people, youth leaders, educators, trainers, coaches in the sport field at grassroots level to improve their personal and professional competences to develop sport activities also contributing to raise awareness hate speech effects
  • Favouring a new attitude among young generations playing sport at grassroots level, as a way to favour the creation of an open and inclusive environment in which everyone can benefit from the effect of doing sport activities.


  • Creation of good practices’ guide
  • Creation of a sport-inclusion-training for professionals or people working in the sport field
  • Creation of a small awareness campaign against hate speech in sport

Website: https://www.hat-trickforinclusion.eu/home/

Contact: cooperation@eurocircle.info

Coordinator: OPES (Italy)