If you CAN? then DO!

In December, the first transnational partner meeting of the Erasmus Plus project “Can Do Refugees 2.0” was held in Madrid, in which Eurocircle is partner with other organizations in Germany, Greece, Spain and Egypt!

The 3-year project aims to promote social inclusion and social cohesion in Europe as a result of the large number of refugees transiting and settling in European countries.

During this meeting, we had the opportunity to meet and develop the work plan for the coming months. 3 main productions: a film reflecting the needs of refugees in the EU; a training booklet for professionals or volunteers working with and for refugees and a brochure with innovative pedagogical approaches

We also had the opportunity to collaborate with the excellent director Coke Riobóo and a group of women who told their life stories in thanks to improvisational theater techniques led by Yusuf Dermikol. The result will be an animated short film that brings together testimonials, life experiences, and much more!

Next steps are still in Madrid in April 2019 and in September in Marseille, training dedicated to professionals working with refugees.

Interested? Contact us: relations.eu@eurocircle.info

See you soon!!