IMAJINA project : on the road to Germany !

For the first time, the internship department of Eurocircle has launched the project IMAJINA! This French-German project enabled 16 young people from the Department Bouches-du-Rhône to discover German enterprises and culture through a two-month internship in three different German cities.

The working world is waiting – the 16 “IMAJINAs” follow their professional career paths

At the beginning of February 2019, the IMAJINA project was launched, and 16 young men and women met at the Eurocircle CIED, not yet knowing each other and having only a vague idea of what to expect over the next four months.

After having survived an intense month with 40 hours of German classes, intercultural seminars, and a three-day mini-internship in Marseille in February, the participants settled into their internship experiences in Berlin, Hamburg and Wernigerode, Germany.

In these three cities, the IMAJINA participants worked as interns in various fields ranging from sales and graphic design, to personal services and catering, to even construction… However, these two months were not only an opportunity for professional immersion, moreover it was an opportunity for these young people to discover Germany and its multi-faceted culture.

Regardless of the location and city, the time the “IMAJINAs” spent in Germany clearly left an impression on them :

There were language barriers and changes of internships, the missing of families and friends, and the participants had to get used to the Germans who were a bit more distant at first. But there were also cultural visits, parties, game nights together, and above all, interesting new perspectives on another professional world – in other words, another world !

The participants expanded their horizons with alternative working methods and discovered new-to-them fields in which they could possibly seek work in the future. They faced some difficulties, yet always found solutions, and through doing so, they gained a lot of self-confidence and autonomy. They developed their sense of resilience and were able hang on despite the challenges and the cold German winter—which is a real challenge for people from Marseille!       


The IMAJINA project was officially completed with the return training, called “Impact”, organised by the trainers of Eurocircle and our partners Une Terre Culturelle. The purpose of this training was to help the participants evaluate their internship experience in Germany, as well as to teach them how to enhance this experience for their future endeavours. The seminar promoted their future socio-professional integration by assisting the participants in finding the best next step in their educational and/or professional journey.

At the return training, the participants received feedback on their CVs, practiced for job interviews with the Mission Locale, had the opportunity to ask questions to the invited speakers and contributors from various training centres, and finally, the participants were informed of existing mobility programmes for the future.

Whatever they decide to do next, whether they choose to continue with their education or pursue vocational training, accept a job at home or go abroad again, we wish our “IMAJINAs” all the best for their next steps, and we will of course be following them along on their professional journeys.