Traveling alone allowed me to discover that I have the ability to manage myself and to find solutions. I got from this mobility a personal experience, encounters and very good memories, which make me want to make other trips abroad. 

What is an internship abroad?

Eurocircle has been developing professional internships since late 2018. The objective is to accompany young people on internship projects outside of the curriculum, allowing them to gain valuable experience for their professional career. For some young people who are very far from the job market, the internship is an opportunity to take a first step into the world of work in a field that interests them.

An internship is a professional immersion in a company for a variable period of time, which can take place within or outside the framework of one’s studies.

Eurocircle offers international internships through various European and national programs (Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps, IDA Program, etc.).

For interns sent abroad as well as for those hosted in France, Eurocircle attaches great importance to both the practical and the educational aspects of the internship. This is reflected in a serious search for a company adapted to the intern’s profile, intensive preparation, individualized support during the stay, and follow-up upon return.

The individual internships abroad set up by Eurocircle are part of European or national projects, which establish the modalities of these professional stays. They are aimed at people between 18 and 30 years old, who are not in training or employment at the time of the beginning of the internship.

Depending on the project, different criteria may be required. Below, you will find the current projects and their precise modalities.

Our flagship project, IMAJINA

IMAJINA - "Insertion through Mobility, Learning and Jobcoaching: Investing in Our Future

This project aims to support the professional integration of young people with fewer opportunities by using international mobility as a tool for self-discovery and skills.

Marseille is a heterogeneous territory in terms of access to employment; the city is in need of unification in this sense. This project aims to re-establish a certain equality of opportunity by offering 48 young people per year the possibility of going on a professional internship in Germany. Each year, 24 young people are accompanied by Eurocircle, and 24 by the association Une Terre Culturelle.

In cooperation with the local mission of Marseille, the project starts with 5 weeks of preparation for departure with intensive German courses, workshops on interculturality, professional posture, risk management, mock job interviews, non-formal education activities etc. The aim of the pre-departure training is to provide participants with all the necessary tools to ensure that the internship runs smoothly.

Then comes the mobility phase which lasts 2 months. Our partner organizations in Leipzig, Dresden and Leer take care of finding internships that are as close as possible to the participants’ field of interest. Their extensive network of companies allows for a wide variety of fields. During the mobility, the participants are regularly supervised by our partners who also organize excursions. Travel to Germany and accommodation are covered, and the participants receive a grant to cover their daily expenses.

At the end of the mobility, each group participates in a 2-week seminar in Marseille focused on the valorisation of the experience and the return to employment.

Coordinators: Eurocircle and Une Terre Culturelle (UTC)

Funding: German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Delegation of the Bouches-du-Rhône Prefecture for Equal Opportunities, European Solidarity Corps.