From Lituania with love


Two countries visited, 10 Training centers used and 22 staff members involved. At the halfway mark, the Jeps Bond project is right on track.

The « Jeps Bond » project, coordinated by Eurocircle, gathers 10 Training centers from the non-formal and sports fields: CREPS, CFA Futurosud, Francas, Ligue de l’enseignement from Var and Southern Alps, Formatic, CFPPA Carmejane, CRFCK, Greta and CROS. It is granted by the Community program Erasmus+, vouched by the DRJSCS PACA, and supported by the association Hors-Pistes.

On last October 26th, a plane from Lithuania landed in Nice, carrying on board 12 project participants motivated like never before, because they just experienced a training week extremely intense and rewarding. The program involved: the discovery of the Lithuanian training system for sports and non-formal education, peer-to-peer exchanges, observation during professional situations, discussions about methods… but also high-quality informal moments, between project development and genuine camaraderie.

After a mobility in Hamburg (Germany) last August, and in Kaunas (Lithuania) in October, it is time for us to establish a mid-term statement about the project goals. Pooling tools and methods between participants, exchanges of good practices between countries, forging links (bonds) at the local, regional and international levels, understanding differences between countries regarding non-formal and sports educations, getting closer together for the PACA Region training centers… all of these specific goals have been achieved in Germany and Lithuania.

Milan (Italy) in February 2020, and then another destination to be defined for summer 2020 will complete the project.

Last but not least, the goal to put in place mobilities for learners from these training centers is also on the right track. The trainers sensibilization towards international mobility has been fruitful, and the last obstacles are about to be dissipated in order to include international mobilities in sports and non-formal education trainings.