Journée franco-allemande 2023

Journée franco-allemande 2023

To celebrate the Franco-German friendship, Eurocircle organized an intercultural workshop followed by a Franco-German brunch at L’Epopée in Marseille on Thursday, January 26, 2023. More than 50 visitors were welcomed from 11 am and were able to awaken their curiosity about the partner country thanks to different workshops: from the geographical quiz on the neighboring countries in Europe to fun linguistic workshops, including memory games and Franco-German scrubble!


Discovering the partner country

After an official welcome by Eurocircle, all visitors participated together in a big Kahoot quiz, in which their knowledge about the Franco-German friendship was tested. The participants learned unexpected facts about both countries in a playful way, as well as historical facts about the Franco-German Friendship Day. As a reward for their diligent participation in the quiz, the Franco-German brunch was opened. With typical specialties like spaetzle, pretzels and apple strudel, an informal and intercultural exchange could take place.

Franco-German friendship in action

This event was made possible thanks to the Franco-German Citizen Fund, which launched a call for projects and actions around the Franco-German Day. On January 22, 1963, Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer signed the Elysée Treaty, marking the beginning of six decades of Franco-German friendship. Eurocircle can also look back on three decades of Franco-German cooperation: founded in 1993 in Berlin and established in Marseille in 1996, the association can boast several Franco-German exchange programs aimed at the professional integration of disadvantaged youth.

The event allowed Eurocircle to celebrate this special day in Franco-German history in the heart of Marseille and to reach out to people who previously had little knowledge of Franco-German friendship and Germany. Indeed, some of the participants, who had come from far away for a training course in France and from their place of origin in Reunion, were curious to discover this country in a playful way through language games and typical board games.

The Eurocircle team would like to thank all the participants and the team of L’EPOPEE, a unique place in the northern districts of Marseille, for the provision of the premises and their contribution to the success of this Franco-German event!