KA2 Presentation

Autumn has proved to be very busy for us at Eurocircle, at the International development and Innovation department, we are pleased to present to you several new European projects (Erasmus +  KA2 – strategic partnerships) which will take place this autumn and which rely on your engagement.

If any of the projects interest you, please do not hesitate to contact us at relations.eu@eurocircle.info or on 04 91 42 94 75, ask for Hélène, Léa or Julia.

DICE – Diversity, Inclusion, Citizenship, Empowerment (France, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Cyprus)

The creation of innovation training course for professionals who work with newly-arrived immigrants on divertsity, inclusion, european citizenship and empowerment. The immigrants will be directly involved in the early stages in which to better understanding their needs and priorities. They will also feature in our video for the campaign to promote inclusion. If you work with first arrivals, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can Do Refugees 2.0 (Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Egypt)

A course in order to equip those who work with refugees, who were directly involved in the creation of the project, through theatre productions, a film about the needs of refugees. These needs will act as a starting point for the development of the course.

Again, please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to share your experiences or advice, whether as a professional, volunteer or a refugee.

MATE – Mingle-Acknowledge-Trust-Events (Cyprus, Greece, Sweden, Austria, France, Spain)

A participative programme with for students, both local and migrant, in which to develop their intercultural skills and to combat racism and prejudice – both online and offline. The content will be developed with students  who will also act as facilitators in their respective countries.

There is currently a search across universities, for professors and students who are interested in this subject and who are interested to participate in their innovative and transnational project.

SBCP – Stop Being Couch Potatoes (Slovakia, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Romania, Poland)

Creating a toolkit in order to aid the development of social and entrepreneurial skills of disadvantaged young people, such as a practical guide, an online networking forum, mentoring workshops, CV videos and webinars. The project will address those who work directly with disadvantaged youth and who wish to improve their methodology and to strengthen their existing skills to aid young people’s professional insertion.

GUIDE 2.0 (UK, Italy, Finland, Ireland, France, Germany)

Creation of a guide in order to equip professionals with the necessary information in order to work with young people with few or no educational qualifications. Professionals in this sector of education are currently being sought.

IHAVET – Integrated Holistic Approach to a Validated European Tool (Belgium, Portugal, France, Norway, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria)

Developing an innovative programme in order to allow young people to succeed academically. Trainining professors to use this tool, and allowing for parents to encourage their children to succeed.

If you are a professor and wish to share your experience with your class, please contact us.