Keep Me Safe

The Keep Me Safe programme focuses on the early detection and prevention of sexual abuse amongst young people. Through the provision of training and resources for youth workers and young people, Keep Me Safe develops a peer-to-peer approach to raising awareness of and preventing sexual abuse amongst youth.

Duration: 3 years. April 2019 – May 2021


  • Build the capacity of young people to actively raise awareness related to recognising signs of abuse and addressing abuse
  • Empower youth by creating a peer support network that offers emotional, informational, and associational support and actively involving them and including their voices and opinions in the training materials
  • Building the capacity of youth workers through the Keep Me Safe programme. This programme targets the youth workers working closely with youth in different non-formal educational settings, aiming at supportive relationships that facilitate the final goal


  • Design and delivery of training programmes for both Youth Workers and Youth Peers on the Keep Me Safe and Youth Peer methodologies;
  • Guidance provided to youth workers and youth sector organisations on how to implement these methods in their own context;
  • Creation of online resources, including a training programme for youth workers and a safeguarding app for use by young people;
  • Publication of policy guidelines on the role of Youth Peers, for decision makers and professionals in the youth work sector.


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Coordinator: Rinova

Partner countries: United Kingdom, Cyprus, France, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Denmark