Leopold tells us about his experience

Feedback - Leopold tells us

This summer Eurocircle sent a group of 17-20 year old participants to the Czech Republic in Ostrava for a two week exchange from July 24th to August 2nd 2022. The themes of the intercultural exchange were health and sport.

We have collected the testimony of Léopold :

“Hello, my name is Léopold, I’m 17 years old and in my final year of high school. I discovered Eurocircle thanks to the local mission of Toulon.
I went to the Czech Republic near Ostrava, close to Poland, it was a remote place in the country. The theme of the cultural exchange was sport and health. Every day there were various sports activities and team building games, as well as quiet times. I did rock climbing, kayaking, laser-game, table soccer…

Speakers came to explain to us the gestures to adopt during an intervention or a road accident. How to proceed to bring the first aid gestures like securing a place, cardiac massages, compressing a wound, etc. Also, we discussed health topics, sexually transmitted diseases and we palpated plastic breasts and testicles to find a hidden tumor. So I learned a lot of information about these very interesting topics.

All these exchanges were in English! So, it was not easy especially when there were interventions with technical terms.
I loved all these meetings with the different nationalities. Each evening, a country presented its specialties, its emblems and what was important to them.
One moment that particularly impressed me was when we all gathered around a big fire and sang songs.
This diversity showed me how important it was to travel and not to be afraid to go into the unknown. Although I don’t speak English very well, I felt a great osmosis with all the other participants, and this language barrier didn’t hinder me to communicate and make myself understood. I would gladly go back in a
exchange, or alone in a foreign country to do my civic service.
I would like to do business and I would also like to travel, so English is essential for me later on, this trip taught me a lot both on the human level and on the mastery of the language. And the fact of leaving and meeting people has allowed me to have contacts and offers me the possibility of going to see or receive a person from the exchange.