Presentation :

Live Learning is a strategic partnership (Erasmus +, Key Action 2) coordinated by Germany.  

The social and professional inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities is at the heart of the work of all of the partners involved in this project. For years, we have been working together to provide these young people with international mobility experiences in order to develop at a personal and professional level. The supervision of theseyoung people during a stay abroad and the creation of adapted learning spaces are significant challenges in this work.

The main objective of this European project is to capture and share the experience and good practice of the partner organisations, and to create guidancefor professionals working with young people in precarious situations who want to organise mobility projects.

Duration: 31 months (02/2019 – 08/2021)


  • Make international mobility programs more accessible to young people with fewer opportunities.
  • Promote the integration of young people with fewer opportunities into the labour market.
  • Develop, test and make available to youth professionals a compilation of methods for the supervision of young people with fewer opportunities during international mobility projects.
  • Create learning environments adapted to young people with fewer opportunities.
  • Help youth professionals to supervise and follow their young people during their mobility.

Results :

  • Compilation of good practice: examples of successful methods and projects for mentoring young people with fewer opportunities for mobility
  • Guide for youth professionals: catalogue of methods, theories and pedagogical approaches to create a suitable learning environments for young people with fewer opportunities during their mobility
  • Documentary film made by young people who have had a mobility experience promoting international mobility with other young people
  • Project website making all productions of the project accessible


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Contact :

Coordinator : EUCON (Germany)

Partner countries: Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia