The 2008 economic crisis increased social poverty among young people in many European countries, and exposed them to multiple vulnerabilities. LOUD (Local Young Leaders for Inclusion) aims to develop intercultural awareness and combat prejudice amongst young people, in order to prevent intolerance and extremism. The project will develop the capacity of local authorities and young people to produce alternative narratives.

Duration: 24 months. 31st January 2019 – 30th January 2021

Counter all forms of intolerance and extremism among young people

  • Provide effective alternative narratives at the local level
  • Empower young people to tackle all forms of discrimination and extremism
  • Promote European exchanges for young people on the topic of alternative narratives


  • Needs assessment in 9 territories to enable local authorities to determine their priorities and identify key stakeholders.
  • Training sessions in the different territories in order to empower young people, identified through the previous phase, to develop alternative narratives methods and local campaigns.
  • Design and development of 9 local alternative narratives campaigns by young people in 5 European countries.
  • Project meetings and seminars in order to enable monitor and evaluate the progress of local actions and the exchanges between the 13 partners.
  • Social media campaign to promote local actions and publication of a brochure with the main results of these actions


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Contact: cooperation@eurocircle.info

Coordinator: The European Forum for Urban Security

Partner countries: Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Greece