MEGA (Make Europe Great Again)

Presentation :

MEGA is a strategic partnership (Erasmus +, Key Action 2) coordinated by Germany.

Brexit, economic crisis, populist governments… The European Union is facing a wave of Europhobism. For a part of the population, the EU is responsible for national problems and is the victim of many criticisms concerning its efficiency and functioning. A European study carried out in 2017 on 18-34 year old reveals that the sense of belonging and attachment to one’s own city, region and country is more important than the one to the EU. MEGA wants to address this by reaching out young people from different social and cultural backgrounds and help them unmask Europhobic and populist fake news by equipping them with the knowledge to develop their critical thinking and to develop a more positive attitude towards the EU.

Duration: 24 months (02/2020 – 01/2022)


  • Encouraging critical thinking among young people to help them unmask myths and misconceptions about the European Union

  • Developing positive attitudes towards the European Union and its underlying values


  • Report on populist and Europhobic trends in Europe, gaps, misinformation or misrepresentation and distorted images, in the media and on social networks

  • Creation of learning games about the EU to dispel these myths and misinformation

  • Adaptation of these games in e-learning on an open access platform

  • Training of trainers for youth professionals to deal with Europhobia in an informal and playful way

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Coordinator : BUPNET Bildung und Projekt Netzwerk GmbH (Germany)


Partner countries: Austria, Cyprus, France, Italy, Lithuania