Off to Germany! All about our French-German project ‘IMAJINA’

Finally, the 16 participants, our ‘Imajinas’, have left France and have successfully arrived in Germany!

After having survived an intense month with 40 hours of German classes, intercultural seminars and a three-day mini-internship in Marseille in February, the participants of the French-German project IMAJINA are no longer just imagining what it’s like to be in Germany – they are now settling into their internship experiences in Berlin, Hamburg and Wernigerode!

For the next two months, these cities will become their new homes. The participants, all between 18- and 25-years-old, will work as interns in different fields, including sales, graphic design, personnel services, hotels and catering… However, these two months are not only a professional immersion, moreover it is an opportunity for these young people to discover Germany and its multi-faceted culture.

The participants will also further improve their German language skills, and they will be surprised to realize that this language is in fact not as harsh as they had previously thought before their departure. They will come back particularly familiar with the ‘bizarre B’, as they referred to the German letter ‘ß’ which actually sounds like an ‘S’.

The trainers of Eurocircle, as well as our partners at Une Terre Culturelle, are already looking forward to seeing this cohesive group reunited in Marseille again for a two-week seminar, called ‘Impact’, upon their return from Germany. This seminar will evaluate the participants’ internship experience in Germany and will help the participants to enhance this experience for their future endeavours. The seminar will also promote the participants’ future socio-professional integration by helping them to find the best next step in their educational and/or professional journey.

What we already know for sure is that these young people will return from Germany transformed, having lived enriching cross-cultural experiences and having created unforgettable memories. We hope that with new friends from across the Rhine, this programme will continue to foster the ongoing French-German friendship for years to come.

This project, conducted in partnership with the association Une Terre Culturelle, was enabled by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Prefecture of Bouches-du-Rhône, with the support of the French-German Youth Office (OFAJ).