Roll the DICE!

Roll the DICE! Step 1 in Utrecht

DICE – “Diversity, Integration, Citizenship and Empowerment” – is an innovative approach to professionals working with newcomers in France, Italy, Poland, Cyprus, and the Netherlands and in the long run, Europe.

The kick-off meeting of this strategic partnership (key action 2 of Erasmus +) DICE took place from 12th to 17th November 2018. The project brings together 5 European partners and is coordinated by Eurocircle.

In this 24-month project, the partners aim to create open and free training for professionals who work with first-time attendees on the key concepts of the DICE approach to facilitate and improve the integration and support of their audience. Through this training, which will be freely accessible on an online platform, professionals can equip themselves with open and innovative practices and thus renew their thoughts on first-time arrivals.

In addition, the project will be accompanied by an awareness campaign, in particular in the form of a video giving the voice to some people, from partner countries, which have had a migration experience to Europe. The objective of the campaign is to give a voice and a face to people who are placed in this category of migrant-e or first-time arriving and who are thus often stigmatized and dehumanized.

The transnational meeting was followed by four days of training from 13 to 16 November 2018. The aim of the training days was to discover together (trainers and people with experience of migration to Europe) the concepts of the DICE approach in the context of working with first-time arrivals and to build together the structure of the training to be developed within the framework of the project. It was very important and very rewarding to build this in the presence of trainers who have theoretical and practical knowledge in different fields (intercultural, active citizenship, debate, etc.), professionals working with first-time arrivals who know the issues on the ground and who have testified to their practice and, most importantly, first-time arrivals who have testified to their lived experiences and who have taken a critical look and enriching on the construction of this formation.

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